Ultrasonic Metered Dose Inhaler



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A hand-held pocket size device to dispense a metered dose aerosol of solutions and suspensions. This device contains an electronics compartment and a disposable drug canister. The picture  shows the drug canister circuit board and the final seven layer electronics circuit, for the battery powered device. The drug canister board holds medication related data, and differentiates the drug canister for the inhalation controller in the electronics compartment.
  • Accurate and reproducible delivery of drug suspensions and solutions
  • Consists of a reusable drug canister and a electronics pack
  • Ensures patient compliance
  • Breath actuated
  • Little bigger than a cigarette pack
  • Low Power consumption: 10 watts
  • Power source -- 4 Duracell DL123A batteries
  • Pulsed dosage current -- 1.2Amps for 1 second
  • Leakage magnetic field -- 157 mGauss at one inch
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Low Dosage indicator
  • Spill proof drug canister
  • Dispense Time Compensation: Microprocessor based implementation of the nebulizer provides the ability to re configure it and change the medication dispense time based on :
  • The type of medication.
  • Height of medication in the fountain
  • State of charge of the batteries.

We are looking for sponsors to develop this technology. It is estimated that a validated device can be developed in 18-24 months.